Sarah Knight brings to Kingston a Transforming Cellular Memory™ Workshop with Jen Hanson, July 8-10

Transforming Cellular Memory™ is a spiritual healing process that works with powerful healing energies to take your body, mind and soul through metamorphosis. It is an empowerment process, utilizing methods such as Gestalt Therapy and dynamic group therapy to heal your blind-spots and re-awaken your inherent clarity and strength.

Transforming Cellular Memory™ is a ‘feeling’ process. It is not a classroom where you sit back with pen and paper and take notes. There is no pre-planned agenda, no projector screen, no text-book, and for the most part, no technique. The transmission of light and wisdom that pours through during TCM workshops and sessions is not something you ‘get’ with intellect alone. It speaks to the mind of every cell in your body.

“I have been to TCM workshops all over the world, and each one played an integral part in my own healing journey. The work really is truly transformative and needs to be experienced to be believed! I am delighted to be hosting Jen Hanson here in Kingston – it will be the first workshop she has given in Canada.”

See for more information about the work, and contact Sarah at to add your name to the interest list.

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