We’ve summed up some critical health information in an easy to use format (downloadable pdf) that can be emailed and shared. Please keep checking in for new information. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

Your Health: Explore your Options
Define your health philosophy and create a healthcare team that can help you achieve your goals. Explore your healthcare options, and discover your best self.

Better Toothpaste, Healthy Body
Even mild gum disease is linked to an incredible number of chronic illnesses, and commercial toothpastes contain an array of controversial ingredients that may be harming your health. Learn to make your own cost-effective, health-promoting, toothpaste with 3 simple ingredients.

Neuroplasticity and Occupational Therapy
Here are a couple of resources for those wishing to improve their memory, and address concerns such as losing track of topics in conversations and misplacing keys.

Electromagnetic Radiation
We’re ignoring the growing international body of scientific research that identifies EMR as a serious health risk. Educate yourself about EMR sources, including WiFi in schools, cell phone towers in high-density residential areas, and hydro Smart Meters.

Immune System Balance
Cold and flu prevention, flu shot facts, and vitamin D doses.

Your Brain
Your brain has the capacity to “re-wire” and modify its own structure and function. Accessing this ability is associated with resolving a variety of health conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain syndromes, hypertension, and ADHD. People without symptoms, including athletes, business executives, students, and musicians, are using some of these strategies to improve their focus and performance. Take our quick brain health questionnaire.

Medical Weight-Loss
It’s not as simple as calories in = calories out. It’s about hormone balance, organ function, environmental exposure, psychology, and much more!

Science of Detoxification
Toxic exposure in today’s world is unavoidable and it’s up to our bodies to successfully detoxify and eliminate these common chemicals. Is your body doing this as efficiently as possible?

What Causes Depression?
The origin of depression arguably isn’t the brain at all. Depression is a symptom of many physical health concerns, and is affected by thyroid health, estrogen balance, and much more.

Lyme Disease in Kingston
Symptom check-list and treatment options for a serious and under-reported chronic illness.

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
When calcium supplementation becomes associated with the development of heart disease, we need to seriously re-examine how we address our bone health.

Sustainable Healthcare
Our publicly funded healthcare system is in trouble. We have an important role to play in the solution.

Breast Health
When breast cancer affects approximately 1 in 9 women and routine screening with mammograms comes with negative consequences, some additional healthcare options are needed. Here are some options beyond healthy diet and exercise that can greatly impact your breast health.

Pediatric Healthcare Options
Our children are not born as the “clean slate” we once thought of them as. The good news is that children are generally quite resilient and they often respond very well to healthcare approaches that promote healthy functioning of the entire body. This differs from some approaches that address uncomfortable symptoms by suppressing normal body processes, sometimes until a child “grows out of” their particular concern.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Care
Fish oils, probiotics, and pre-natals. These are associated with healthier babies, easier pregnancies, and happier birth experiences. Choose them wisely and use them safely.

Heart Disease is Reversible
Scientific research demonstrates this repeatedly yet it remains one of the developed world’s most deadly health conditions. Read about common habits that might increase the risk of heart disease, habits that likely have nothing to do with risk despite what politicians say, and ways to more thoroughly evaluate your personal health risk.

Meditation changes the brain, can make us feel happier, and can significantly improve chronic pain. Our Mindfulness Meditation workshops generally run every other month.

The Benefits of Breathing Properly
Breathing is a powerful, simple, and often under-valued way to reduce inflammation and pain, improve energy levels, eliminate body toxins, and generate relaxation at the level of the brain. Here are some steps to get you started.

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