Lyme Disease & Co-Infection Symptom Questionnaire

Lyme disease is an infection by a type of microbe called a spirochete that has an incredible ability to adapt and survive as our immune system attempts to get rid of it. People with a Lyme infection often have additional infections (co-infections), and the synergy amongst these organisms can create a vast array of symptoms unique to the person experiencing the illness. This, coupled with insufficient scientific understanding and poor laboratory testing options, makes accurate diagnosis challenging. People with chronic Lyme disease must be persistent in their efforts to find a Lyme-literate health practitioner so that proper treatment may be pursued.

Fatigue Symptom Checklist

Fatigue can be an elusive constellation of symptoms. It’s not nicely packaged in one location of the body and it affects people in an incredible variety of ways, so that traditional methods of categorizing become inadequate. This single approach leaves some people to struggle through their day or question whether their symptoms are “all in their head”. Please use this self-questionnaire as a guide to provide insight into possible contributing factors to your fatigue. Please note that a generic tool such as this cannot be specific enough to diagnose your individual health concerns.

Meaningful Activity Checklist

The core belief of occupational therapy is that activities (or “occupations”) play a major role in modulating one’s health. Occupational Therapists see activity itself as a means to an end. Engagement in meaningful activity is the treatment because people are healthier when they are able to do the things they value and love. Please use this questionnaire to explore how meaningful activity affects your health and happiness.

Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as what cell phones and WiFi internet routers emit, is a serious health risk. Rigorous scientific studies on the human health effects of chronic EMR exposure suggest significant impact on health ranging from mild sleep disturbances to increased rates of certain rare cancers and health conditions that mimic neurological illness and Lyme
disease. How high is your exposure? Review this checklist for easy ways to reduce your daily exposure.

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