Whole Body Dental Hygiene

“If our eyes are the gateway to our soul, then the mouth is the gateway to everything else.”

Deborah Steacy, R.D.H., N.H.C
April 9-15th is National Dental Hygienists Week
“Oral Health for Total Health”

There are 500 species of microorganisms in your mouth! Unfortunately many have the capability of entering your bloodstream, therefore increasing your potential for systemic infections. Evaluation of the bacteria below your gumline is best done with a phase contrast microscope. It is quick, easy and non-invasive. No longer do we just use indicators such as bleeding and pocket depths as signs of gum disease. High numbers of spirochetes and white blood cells are closely related to chronic gum disease. The health of your mouth is linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, ulcers, diabetes, respiratory disease and cancer. Continue reading

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Dental Health and Acupuncture Meridians

by Jianmin (Jamie) Xu, R.Ac.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the teeth are governed by your kidney Qi ( also spelled “Chi” ). If you have any dental concerns, your first step is to see if your kidneys need support. Balancing and supporting your kidney Qi and keeping your entire organ system balanced will support healthy teeth and gums. Continue reading

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Science, Energy Medicine, and EVERYTHING!

By Sarah Knight, PhD

Human beings are capable of many things. In each one of us exists the possibility to create works of art, run a business, fly a plane, earn a fortune, or lose a fortune! The choices that we make and the possibilities that we foster are often determined by circumstance. The country and family that we are born into, the teachers and other guides that we gravitate towards, and the opportunities that are presented to us along the way certainly play a very large role in how we play out our lifetimes. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wisdom

By Dr. Angela Hunt ND

As a Naturopathic Doctor, weight loss is probably one of the most common reasons people venture into my office. Many of us struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and a multi-million dollar weight loss industry can give of us poor advice. There are so many expert opinions and fad products floating around, it is hard to know what is useful and what is simply a myth. At times you can be making all the right choices but still not losing weight, suggesting some physiological roadblocks. Here are the myths, the roadblocks and the game changers when it comes to building natural weight loss wisdom.


Extreme low calorie diets are necessary for weight loss.

Will you lose weight from going on an extreme, reduced calorie diet? Absolutely. Will you keep the weight off when you return to your typical diet? Continue reading

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Say Chis

Sarah Knight, PhD, RM, EuBP

Everything is energy. We feel it in ourselves, in other people, in our pets, in the earth. ¬¬There are systems of integrated medicine and healing practices dedicated to working with the energy of plants, animals and even minerals. Homeopathy, phytobiophysics and Bach flower remedies, and various shamanic practices are just a few of these. But there is energy medicine right at our fingertips that we can tap in to every time we prepare and consume a meal.

Good quality, unrefined foods feed our chi (or qi – our life force). In addition, the foods that we eat all have their own energies, some of them in harmony with our systems and our individual needs (which may change throughout the day, year or with different phases in our lives) and some in dissonance. For optimum health and well-being, a balanced intake of food energy should be considered alongside a balanced intake of calories and nutrients. Continue reading

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Putting the Community Back In Agriculture

Connecting Farmers and Eaters through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

by Suszane Neimanis-Klug, Roots Down Organic Farm

When we first began working our farm in 2005 we quickly realized that we were going to have a hard time funding our operation. It is very difficult for a mixed vegetable farm of this small a scale fit in to a category of small business loans and we needed to build up some infrastructure and employ farm hands in order to produce enough veggies to even begin to support ourselves. We were familiar with other farms using the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model as a solution to these problems but this concept was relatively new to the Kingston area. With this model, we would find individuals that would be willing to support our farm’s endeavors by paying ahead for veggies that they would receive throughout the growing season. We would deliver their veggies Continue reading

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