Sustainable diets for women and the planet: An arranged marriage.

By Dr. Holly WhiteKnight, ND

As per the Food Climate Research Network’s most recent report put it: “The relationship between health and environmental sustainability can best be viewed as an arranged marriage, rather than a love match.”

As North Americans we need to think about the way that we eat, not just for the health of our bodies but also for the good of the planet. With all of unfolding research regarding climate change, it’s no surprise that food security is such an issue. Unpredictable weather patterns and drastic extremes provide challenges for farmers and their crops. “Fad” superfoods deplete the local resources for the native population, driving the prices up so high that their chance for maintaining it as a staple in their diet is no longer financially attainable, as is the case with Quinoa in South America. People are becoming more detached from what it means to eat locally, with whole foods as the center focus of their diet.

Sustainability comes in many faces. Some factors to consider when making sustainable food choices could include: Continue reading

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New Year, New Home

I have always liked the start to a new year. It seems to be a time when anything is possible and opportunities are limitless.

This coming 2016 is a great example of this exciting time for my little family and I. We are moving back to the area I grew up in, to be closer to grandparents and to reconnect to my roots. I am so thrilled that I have been given the opportunity to join the KIHC team in February. As a Naturopathic Doctor with 4 years of experience under my belt, I love the work I do and to find such a great clinic to do it in is wonderful. I know that Dr. Christina will be missed and that I have some big shoes to fill, but I look forward to meeting everyone and working with you with all. Continue reading

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Energy Intensive Program (Getting Unstuck)

The Energy Intensive “Getting Unstuck” program consists of four Bioenergy healing sessions with Sarah, conducted within a 4-10 day time period. It is designed to work deeply on every level. By conducting repeat sessions within a relatively short span of time, layers of emotional/physical/energetic stagnation can be worked through, to get to the root of an issue. Continue reading

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Your Daily E-Motion

(an excerpt from her book “Eat Life”, due out in 2017, by Sarah Knight)

Each day we have experiences that affect us in different ways. Some experiences do little more than wash over the surface of our being, but others are ingested and go deeper inside us, creating emotional responses such as joy, despair, anger, frustration, and many others besides. When felt emotions are realized, appreciated, and allowed to live for their moment, we have the opportunity to learn from our experiences, and to grow and evolve.

This process, of digesting experiences and expressing the resultant emotions, can be likened to how the food we eat should be digested. Food enters our gastrointestinal systems, is broken down, and nutrients are assimilated and waste released. If our gastrointestinal system isn’t properly digesting food then we do not receive the goodness nor adequately release the toxins. A double whammy! We don’t get enough nourishment and toxic material builds up. In the same way, when we take in an experience, in order to be properly nourished by it and to ensure it doesn’t create stagnation and blockages in our systems, we need to digest it – which includes taking in the good stuff and eliminating any emotional byproducts. Continue reading

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Acupressure to Improve Digestion

~ Jianmin (Jamie) Xu, Registered Acupuncturist

With Christmas approaching, it is the season of holiday cheer, family gatherings, parties, travel, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Many people cope with digestive disorders caused by holiday stress, not getting enough sleep, and overeating. Acupuncture is extremely effective at treating a vast array of digestive disorders such as acid reflux (GERD), distended belly, gas and bloating. Below are some tips on how to do acupressure on yourself to improve your digestive function. Continue reading

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De-Stress and Re-Charge Energy Exercise Classes

De-Stress and Re-Charge classes with KIHC’s energy therapist Sarah Knight. (Watch her video, here.)

“If you need a boost then these classes are for you! In each session you will be guided through a series of gentle exercises, movements and meditations, designed to help you harness your natural ability to direct the flow of healing energy within your own system. The focus will be on clearing toxic build ups of stagnant energy and recharging and rebalancing your energy system. Absolutely no prior knowledge of energy work of any kind is required.”

8 Monday evenings, 7pm – 8pm
Starting January 18th

Maximum of 8 participants
$100 plus HST

Registration required. Please contact Sarah directly: (613) 770-7440, or through her website.

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